Abitur 2012 Aufgabe I Composition Topic 3: A school in Glasgow has replaced schoolbooks with iPads. Write an article for your school magazine discussing this step. (Von Quentin Müller).

Introduction: Recently we read Cory Doctorow’s novel Little Brother in class. The special thing about it was that I didn’t read the printed book but the digital version on an iPad that I had borrowed from a friend. [Beschreibung dieser Leseerfahrung, dann Überleitung zur „school in Glasgow“].

Main part: advantages of iPads: small, light, easy to use, environment friendly, lessons could become more interesting (animations, audio, video, new methods)

disadvantages: extremely expensive, schools have no money, who pays? What about poor families? easily damaged, danger of digistraction [+ ;-)]

Conclusion: Weighing the pros and cons … So why iPads? [vgl. Überschrift +++, vgl. „witty and sophisticated titles„] We have books.



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