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HW Linking Expressions

Go to Floe-Joe and do all four exercises.

HW Titles & Introductions

Go to this page and brow­se through the topics to get an impres­si­on of what kind of topics we alre­a­dy had in the past. 

HW The Paragraph

Watch the fol­lo­wing video careful­ly until 6:30 (in the rest of the video he gives and explains an example): 

Write about 200 to 250 words.

… lau­tet die Anwei­sung im baye­ri­schen Abitur für den Com­po­si­ti­on. Schau­en wir uns mal an, wie so ein Auf­satz aus­sieht. Neh­men wir das ers­te The­ma des Abitur 2015/I: „Gro­wing migra­ti­on to urban are­as in the 21st cen­tu­ry: dis­cuss the impli­ca­ti­ons for rural communities.“

A Day for All (M)others

Abitur 2014/I Topic 1: “Mother’s Day should be abo­lished. Do you agree?” Von Kai Zenk.

Not only last year, also the year befo­re I reg­rett­ab­ly for­got Mother’s Day. Sure­ly I was mere­ly one out of many. When have YOU last remem­be­red Mother’s Day? Alre­a­dy a few years ago? Don’t be asha­med, you are not alo­ne. Should­n’t Mother’s Day be abolished?


The revi­si­on must be done auto­ma­ti­cal­ly for the next lesson.

All mark­ed words / pas­sa­ges must be careful­ly revised.

HW Clarity’s a‑coming!

Watch the fol­lo­wing video: 

Running Late

… war der Titel des dies­jäh­ri­gen lite­ra­ri­schen Abitur-Tex­tes (zip). Das drit­te Com­po­si­ti­on-The­ma lau­te­te: „What might hap­pen next? Con­ti­nue tel­ling the story.“

Hier die tol­le Fort­set­zung mei­ner Schü­le­rin Cari­na Urban (Klick zum Vergrößern):

Good Childhood Opens All Doors

Abitur 2013 Text I Com­po­si­ti­on Topic 1: Does social sta­tus affect a person’s opti­ons? Discuss.

Von Kon­rad Heidler

Good Childhood Opens All Doors

You have pro­ba­b­ly seen “Slum­dog Mil­lionaire”, a movie about a young Indi­an who grew up in the slums of Mum­bai but then made a for­tu­ne on a TV quiz show. It is a gre­at exam­p­le of a per­son with litt­le to no edu­ca­ti­on suc­cee­ding in life. Sad­ly, rea­li­ty is dif­fe­rent in most cases. In real life, your future is deter­mi­ned by your social sta­tus from a very ear­ly age on.

On Your Way to the Top

Wenn mei­ne Schü­ler (trotz aus­drück­li­cher War­nung) zu oft ihre Haus­auf­ga­be bzw. ande­re (Arbeits-) Mate­ria­li­en ver­ges­sen haben, bekom­men sie eine Straf, ach nee, Übungs-, par­don, Zusatz­auf­ga­be … Mist, darf man auch nicht mehr sagen – aah, jetzt hab ich’s: eine „indi­vi­du­el­le Fördermaßnahme“ 😉

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