The revi­si­on must be done auto­ma­ti­cal­ly for the next lesson.

All mark­ed words / pas­sa­ges must be careful­ly revised.

You must incor­po­ra­te (inte­grie­ren) my sug­ges­ti­ons into your revi­sed ver­si­on. Comm­ents and / or expl­ana­ti­ons are NOT part of the com­po­si­ti­on and are the­r­e­fo­re NOT printed.

Print the new ver­si­on and bring it tog­e­ther with the pre­vious (vor­he­ri­ge) ver­si­on so that I can compare.

A green + means that cer­tain words / pas­sa­ges are very good.

L refers to my hand­out “Lay­out”.

see below means that you have made the same mista­ke again but it has not been mark­ed. You must find it (e.g. with Bearbei­ten > Erset­zen) and cor­rect it.

The revi­si­on is only (erst) finis­hed when “Done” appears on your paper.