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HW Just a Figure of Speech?

Do this quiz.

HW The Pleasure of Poetic Pattern

Watch the following video:

HW Sonnet 130 Analysis

Watch the following video. Do you like it? Why (not)?

Take All My Loves

Ganz neu bei Spotify: 

Girl at the Bar

… is a “social anxiety poem”:

HW Sick

Study Shel Silverstein’s poem “Sick”. Look up unknown words at PONS


Das Team des New York Shakespeare Exchange hat sich vorgenommen alle Shakespeare Sonette zu verfilmen mit dem Ziel „to provide fresh points of entry to the work so that modern audiences will be exposed to the intrinsic power of Shakespeare. “

Originell ist dabei die Idee, alle Sonette mit bestimmten Orten in New York zu verknüpfen.

SonnetProjectNYC (YouTube), Tipp von Max Müller

HW Learning the Sonnet

Study this text until „Variations and Liberties […]“ – of course it is NOT forbidden to study the rest, too 😉 Follow the link to Edna St. Vincent Millay’s sonnet. As usual prepare a short talk.


… ist der interessante YouTube-Kanal einer deutschen Lehrerin „with a leaning towards silliness and a bunch of quirky likes, obsessive enough to regularly upload videos, sometimes about school, sometimes about anything I find inspiring, always about chickens (at least in spirit).“

HW Sonnet 73 Adaptations

Compare the following two video adaptations of Shakespeare’s sonnet 73. Which one do you like better? Why? Take notes and prepare a short talk. 

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