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HW Just a Figure of Speech?

Do this quiz.

HW The Pleasure of Poetic Pattern

Watch the fol­lowing video:

HW Sonnet 130 Analysis

Watch the fol­lowing video. Do you like it? Why (not)?

Take All My Loves

Ganz neu bei Spotify: 

Girl at the Bar

… is a “social anxie­ty poem”:

HW Sick

Stu­dy Shel Silverstein’s poem “Sick”. Look up unknown words at PONS


Das Team des New York Shake­speare Exchan­ge hat sich vor­ge­nom­men alle Shake­speare Sonet­te zu ver­fil­men mit dem Ziel „to pro­vi­de fresh points of ent­ry to the work so that modern audi­en­ces will be expo­sed to the intrinsic power of Shake­speare. “

Ori­gi­nell ist dabei die Idee, alle Sonet­te mit bestimm­ten Orten in New York zu verknüpfen.

Son­net­Pro­ject­NYC (You­Tube), Tipp von Max Müller

HW Learning the Sonnet

Stu­dy this text until „Varia­ti­ons and Liber­ties […]“ – of cour­se it is NOT for­bid­den to stu­dy the rest, too 😉 Fol­low the link to Edna St. Vin­cent Millay’s son­net. As usu­al pre­pa­re a short talk.


… ist der inter­es­san­te You­Tube-Kanal einer deut­schen Leh­re­rin „with a lea­ning towards sil­li­ness and a bunch of quir­ky likes, obses­si­ve enough to regu­lar­ly upload vide­os, some­ti­mes about school, some­ti­mes about anything I find inspi­ring, always about chi­ckens (at least in spirit).“

HW Sonnet 73 Adaptations

Com­pa­re the fol­lowing two video adap­t­ati­ons of Shakespeare’s son­net 73. Which one do you like bet­ter? Why? Take notes and pre­pa­re a short talk. 

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