Heu­te habe ich mit mei­nem LK Ham­lets „Sein oder Nicht­sein“ Mono­log bespro­chen, da bie­tet es sich an, dass man sich auf die Suche nach Par­odien macht. Hier eine Ver­si­on von Lil­li­an E. Carlton:

TV or Not TV – A Modern Soliloquy

TV or not TV: that is the question:
Whe­ther ‚tis smar­ter in the head to suffer
The sound and fury of the one-eyed monster,
Or to rise up against outra­ge­ous programs
And by a dial-twist end them. To rest; to sleep;
No more; and by that sleep to say we end
The eyes­train and the thousand sil­ly shows
That we’­re expo­sed to. ‚Tis a consummation
Devout­ly to be wis­hed. To sleep; to dream;
Ay, there’s the rub; for in that sod­den sleep
What dreams may come? What visi­ons of delights
We’ll never get to see on any chance,
Must give us pau­se. There’s respect
That makes such fools of tho­se who’d seek their pillows.
For who would bear to watch the hoary westerns,
… who Bonan­za … who Walt Disney,
When he hims­elf might his quie­tus make
With a swift Nytol?
The hope of bet­ter things to come,
Gre­at undis­co­ver­ed glo­ries, stays the hand,
And makes us rather bear the shows we have
Than dream of others we may never see.
Thus wis­hing does make view­ers of us all,
And thus the honest need to go to bed
Is van­quis­hed by the will‑o‘-wisp of promise,
And keeps us sta­ring at the boob-tube.

outra­ge­ous: very sho­cking and unac­cep­ta­ble – eye strain: a tired con­di­ti­on of the eyes cau­sed e.g. by a long peri­od of rea­ding or loo­king at a com­pu­ter screen – Con­sum­ma­ti­on: the action or moment of com­ple­ting, making per­fect, or ful­fil­ling sth – devout­ly: inbrüns­tig – there’s the rub: that’s the pro­blem – sod­den: com­ple­te­ly wet as a result of absor­bing a lot of liquid – hoary: very old and well-known or fami­li­ar – quie­tus 1. the end of one’s life; 2. [fig] come-uppan­ce – Nytol: name of a slee­ping tablet- ‚ will‑o‘-the-wisp: Irr­licht, Täu­schung- boob-tube: (infml) TV screen; boob = fool

Müss­te man nur ein biss­chen aktua­li­sie­ren, z.B. „soaps“ statt „wes­terns“ „Big Brot­her“ statt „Bonan­za“ …

Im Fol­gen­den eine PC Version:

PC or not PC, that is the question,
Whe­ther ´tis nobler in the mind to suffer
The slings and arrows of outra­ge­ous viruses
Or to arms against a sea of digitroubles
And by cut­ting some cables end them. To be off­line, to relax -
No more, and by a com­mand to say we end
The eye strain and the thousand incom­pre­hen­si­ble error messages
That we’­re expo­sed to; ‚tis a consummation
Devout­ly to be wis­hed. To be off­line, to relax -
Per­chan­ce to read and miss a brand-new update,
Ay there’s the rub, for in our absence
What „inno­va­ti­on“ may come
Should­n’t make us pau­se – there’s no respect
For the nerds who stay online:
For who would bear the whips of blue­screen crashes,
The inso­lence of Office,
The pangs of vicious hackers,
The incom­pe­tence of shop-assistants
But that the hope for a fas­ter CPU puz­zles the will
And makes us rather bear tho­se ills we have
Than sim­ply switch off and relax.

Es gibt natür­lich vie­le wei­te­re Par­odien.