Topic: Is it bet­ter to watch a movie at home on DVD or in the cinema?

Stu­dy the fol­lo­wing titles and ana­ly­se which expec­ta­ti­ons the title rai­ses, i.e. in which direc­tion the fol­lo­wing com­po­si­ti­on will pro­ba­b­ly go.

We Don’t Need No DVD

(Pink Floyd The Wall: We don’t need no education)

A Giant Disc for Mankind

(Moon landing/Neil Arm­strong: A giant step for mankind)

The Spi­ce of Entertainment

(Varie­ty is the spi­ce of life.)

My Home Is My Theatre

(My home is my castle.)

Con­stant Tal­king Wears Away Your Patience

(Con­stant Drip­ping Wears Away the Stone)

The Cine­ma Strikes Back / The Return of the Cinema

(Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back / The Return of the Jedi)

Lord of the Discs

(Lord of the Rings)

The Tall Man and the Seat / The Old Cine­ma and the DVD

(Heming­way: The Old Man and the Sea)

To See or Not to See

(Ham­let: To Be or Not to Be)

A Pla­gue O’er Both Your Neighbours

(A pla­gue o’er both your hou­ses Romeo and Juliet)

O Love­ly Cine­ma, O Hateful DVD

(O loving hate, o hateful love Romeo and Juliet)

It Was the Noi­se and Not the Nightingale

(It was the lark and not the night­in­gale Romeo and Juliet)

Whe­r­e­fo­re Art Thou So Tall?

(Whe­r­e­fo­re art thou Romeo? Romeo and Juliet)

As You Don’t Like It

(Shake­speare: As You Like It)

The Spi­rit Is Wil­ling but the Pop­corn Is Too Loud

(… but the fle­sh is weak. Bible)

Thou Shalt Not Eat Popcorn

(Ten Com­mandments)

Let The­re Be Darkness

(Bible Gene­sis: Then God Com­man­ded “Let the­re be light”)