William Blake „School“

… ist das literarische Abschiedsgeschenk meiner (ehemaligen) LK-Schüler Angela Feldmann, Neal Conway und Tobias Traxinger, über das mich unheimlich gefreut habe:

I wander through each chartered hall,
Near where our English class takes place,
And mark it, mark it on them all,
Marks of dullness in each face.

In every yawn of every guy,
In every pupil’s rattling snore,
In every voice, in every sigh,
I hear fatigue, despair, and more.

How the angry teacher’s cry
Every dozing kid appalls;
And the hapless student’s sigh
Runs in boredom down classroom walls.

But most through school hallways I hear
How the youthful students‘ laughs
Blast the boring teacher’s ear,
And drown in joy his dusty coughs.

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