… is a web-based book sug­ges­ti­on engi­ne. Which­Book does­n’t ask for a list of books you have alre­a­dy read. At Which­Book you use a series of sliders to indi­ca­te how much of a given ele­ment you want in your rea­ding. Loo­king for fun­ny hap­py sex? Peg the sliders for each to the maxi­mum and see what Which­Book kicks out. Lists of books are gene­ra­ted and dis­play­ed on the right side of the screen for your browsing.

Eine schö­ne Site um z.B. Wort­schatz für „Tal­king about Books“ zu üben. Wie soll das Buch sein? „expec­ted“ oder „unpre­dic­ta­ble“? „easy“ oder „deman­ding“? „opti­mi­stic“ oder „bleak“? Auch bei den Inhalts­an­ga­ben der emp­foh­le­nen Bücher gibt es nütz­li­chen Wortschatz.