Befo­re you actual­ly start lis­tening you should spe­cu­la­te about the topic. If pos­si­ble you speak loud: „I think the pod­cast could be about / deals with the ques­ti­on / pres­ents argu­ments for and against …“

While lis­tening you should stop the recor­ding from time to time and repeat in your own words what was said.

Also while lis­tening (or after­wards) you should write down important / inte­res­t­ing words and learn them. Make sure that you learn them cor­rect­ly with the help of PONS and the LDOCE.

At the end of the pod­cast you should sum­ma­ri­ze in your own words the main points / argu­ments / aspects. Again, if pos­si­ble, speak loud. Of cour­se it’s much bet­ter to actual­ly tell some­bo­dy else (par­ents, fri­end, etc.) about the podcast.

After a few days you should „revi­se“, i.e. check how much you remem­ber from the con­tents (Inhalt) and the vocab. Pro­ba­b­ly you’­ve alre­a­dy for­got­ten most of it, so lis­ten to it again.

A good place to prac­ti­se tho­se tips is BBC 6 Minu­te Eng­lish.