Ima­gi­ne that you want to (or as home­work have to ) watch a video with tips on how to redu­ce your inta­ke of sugar. 

The first thing you should do is to acti­va­te your (hop­eful­ly) alre­a­dy exis­ting know­ledge about this topic. Ima­gi­ne that you tell a fri­end / your tea­cher etc. what you alre­a­dy know, if pos­si­ble you should speak loud: „First of all you should avo­id or at least redu­ce suga­ry drinks. One lit­re of nor­mal coke ent­hält …“ Alre­a­dy at this stage you should look up unknown words first at PONS and then check them at eit­her the LDOCE or the OALD. You con­ti­nue like this and try to speak for ca. four minu­tes: „Second­ly you must pay atten­ti­on to all the hid­den sugar. …“

Now start the video. You should stop the video (with the space­bar Leer­tas­te) when­ever a new aspect has been dealt with and repeat in your own words what has been said. If the­re are again important words you don’t know / remem­ber, look them up. 

Your vocab work beco­mes much more effi­ci­ent if you don’t only look up words but note them down or save them for future revi­si­on. One pos­si­bi­li­ty is of cour­se to wri­te down the Eng­lish word and its Ger­man mea­ning on a pie­ce of paper, but you can of cour­se also save it digi­tal­ly e.g. at Quiz­let.

You should also save the video for future revi­si­on. At You­Tube you can use Spei­chern / Spä­ter anse­hen or you use a ser­vice like Pocket.

At the end of the video you should again revi­se what you have seen / lear­nt. Again you should speak loud if possible. 

Now prac­ti­se my tips with the fol­lo­wing video: