RIGHT klick on the fol­lo­wing link and choo­se „In neu­em Tab öff­nen …“ to open this web­site in a SEPARATE TAB. If neces­sa­ry „enable“ Flash. [If it still does­n’t work, try ano­ther brow­ser.] Do the fol­lo­wing exer­ci­s­es in the given order! After each exer­cise come back to THIS page to read what you are sup­po­sed to do next. As usu­al look up unknown words at PONS

If you want to learn/revise the sym­bols befo­re you start, click on „Pho­ne­mic Chart“ (top left, second down).

Play ALL four games of „Pho­ne­tic Pel­ma­nism“ (left side, third from bottom).

Play „Pho­ne­mic Flip“ (top left, second to the right) for seve­ral minu­tes. Mut­ter (mur­meln) the words.

Play „Odd Phon‘ out“ (top right, second to the left) both with vowels and diphtongs.

Play „Shoot-a-Sym­bol“ (top row, fourth from the right) for seve­ral minutes.