Though each live broad­cast is film­ed in front of a live audi­ence in the theat­re, came­ras are careful­ly posi­tio­ned throug­hout the audi­to­ri­um to ensu­re that cine­ma audi­en­ces get the ‚best seat in the house‘ view of each pro­duc­tion. Whe­re the­se came­ras are pla­ced is dif­fe­rent for each broad­cast, to make sure that cine­ma audi­en­ces enjoy the best pos­si­ble expe­ri­ence every time. Satel­li­tes allow the pro­duc­tions to be broad­cast live, wit­hout delay, to cine­mas throug­hout the UK as well as many Euro­pean venues.

Natio­nal Theat­re Live (Tipp von Frank McLynn)