Stu­dy the fol­lowing son­net and look up the lin­ked words. If you don’t under­stand the Eng­lish defi­ni­ti­on look up the word/phrase at PONS.

You tell them (erken­nen an) by their wobb­ling zig­zag stride —
They stag­ger into class for one half-hour,
Head down and col­lar up, so as to hide
The fact that eyes are gla­zed and breath is sour.

With brains unhin­ged by hash­ish, pot, or coke
They sit the­re in a semi-con­scious fudd­le.
They don’t buy text­books, never take a note;
Their pro­se is sheer con­fu­si­on, utter mudd­le.

Their mouths brea­the forth a nar­co­ti­zing vapor;
They sleep in class, or lea­ve befo­re the bell —
They miss the mid­term, don’t sub­mit a paper,
And log four weeks of absen­ces as well,

And then drift to your office, in a daze,
Inqui­ring why they haven’t got­ten A’s. [1]

By Joseph S. Sal­emi „Con­tem­pora­ry Son­net 1“

If you like you may wri­te your own poem (or even son­net) about ter­ri­ble / tedious / ten­acious / ten­se teachers 😉

[1] In US high schools the­re are let­ters from A (the best) to F (for fail) ins­tead of our num­bers (from 1 – 6).