Kate Cho­pin: The Sto­ry of an Hour (wife allows hers­elf to enjoy the per­so­nal free­dom resul­ting out of her husband’s alle­ged death – can be read as sto­ry of emancipation)

Kate Cho­pin: Desiree’s Baby (sui­ta­ble for the topic “The Ame­ri­can South”, racism, French influence)

Roald Dahl: Lamb to the Slaugh­ter (devo­ted wife kills hus­band with leg of lamb, can be read as sto­ry of emancipation)

Roald Dahl: The Land­la­dy (hor­ror tale)

Washing­ton Irving: The Adven­ture of the Ger­man Stu­dent (hor­ror tale, high­ly com­plex nar­ra­ti­ve situation)

Irving Shaw: The Girls in their Sum­mer Dres­ses (young New York cou­ple in conflict)

Richard Shel­ton: The Stones (very short, use of symbols)