… ist eine wun­der­ba­re Quel­le für Zita­te, Sprich­wör­ter und Apho­ris­men. Hier ein paar Zita­te über Zitate:

Coll­ec­ting quo­ta­ti­ons is an insi­dious, even embar­ras­sing habit, like rag­pi­cking or hoar­ding rocks or try­ing on other people’s laun­dry. I got into it ori­gi­nal­ly while try­ing to break an addic­tion to can­dy. I kicked can­dy and now seem to be stuck with quo­ta­ti­ons, which are attack­ing my brain ins­tead of my teeth. 

All maxims have their ant­ago­nist maxims; pro­verbs should be sold in pairs, a sin­gle one being but a half truth. 

A fine quo­ta­ti­on is a dia­mond on the fin­ger of a wit­ty per­son, but a peb­b­le in the hands of a fool. 

I hate quo­ta­ti­ons. Tell me what you know. 

Most coll­ec­tors coll­ect tan­gi­bles. As a quo­ta­ti­on coll­ec­tor, I coll­ect wis­dom, life, invi­si­ble beau­ty, souls ali­ve in ink. 

The Quo­te Gar­den (Tipp von Andre­as Büsing)