… ist ein Gedicht von Larai­ne Mac Devitt, das ich von Susan­ne Gas­tei­ger bekom­men habe:

I am a „J“
Born in June
Ter­ri­bly jealous
I hate jeans and judo
I like juni­per berries*
And James Dean.
The smell of jam in July
Makes me jump of joy
But I get quite jittery
When Janu­ary comes around
I am a „J“

In Ana­lo­gie zu die­sem Gedicht, hat Susan­ne Gas­tei­ger Gedich­te schrei­ben las­sen. Hier zwei Beispiele:

I am an „A“
I was born in May
On a sun­ny day
I’d like to stay
In a nice litt­le bay
I’d play
And I’d say:
So I pray
For this day
to come.
By the way:
My sur­na­me starts with a „K“!

I am an „S“
The thought of swim­ming in the sea
makes me smile;
and when it’s sunny,
I want to stay the­re for a while.
By thin­king of this I could get wings:
Shop­ping, shoes and such other things.
I love sun­flowers and ever­y­thing which is sweet.
When I’m sear­ching for the­se things I can’t stand on my feet.
But I hate snow and storm when I’m outside
and espe­ci­al­ly my soul then wants to hide.
I am an „S“

Hier noch eine Ver­si­on eines har­ten home­boy:

I am an „H“
cuz I hate everyone.
I am not often at home
I like house parties,
hips and han­ging around.
If you harass me
I will hunt you down
and force you to eat hominy.
I am the hit­cher, the highway-killer
I hate everyone
so I’ll go to hell
I am an „H“