Good tea­chers set clear goals, enforce high stan­dards of beha­viour and mana­ge their les­son time wise­ly. They use tried-and-tes­ted ins­truc­tion­al tech­ni­ques to ensu­re that all the brains are working all of the time, for exam­p­le asking ques­ti­ons in the class­room with “cold cal­ling” rather than rely­ing on the same eager pupils to put up their hands.

Einer­seits banal, ande­rer­seits aber unge­heu­er wich­tig ange­sichts der per­ma­nen­ten Ver­su­che den tra­di­tio­nel­len Leh­rer abzu­schaf­fen und zum läp­pi­schen „Initia­tor von (selbst­ge­steu­er­ten) Lern­pro­zes­sen“ zu degradieren.

Wei­ter­le­sen … (The Eco­no­mist, Tipp von Max Müller)