In einem inter­es­san­ten Arti­kel über die neue COBUILD Eng­lish Grammar geht es u.a. um die pro­gres­si­ve form von sta­ti­ve verbs:

It soon beca­me appa­rent that the situa­ti­on with sta­ti­ve verbs is not as straight­for­ward as it might seem. We wan­ted to cap­tu­re this in the grammar, while not being exces­si­ve­ly com­plex, so while we do give the gene­ral rule about cer­tain verbs not being used in the pro­gres­si­ve, and list the­se in the refe­rence sec­tion, we also show that with some verbs (for­get, guess, ima­gi­ne, lack, like, love, remem­ber and want) – you actual­ly can use them in the pro­gres­si­ve form, espe­ci­al­ly in infor­mal language.

Außer­dem geht es um den Gebrauch von much in posi­ti­ve state­ments und gene­ric pro­no­uns and deter­mi­ners.

COBUILD Eng­lish Grammar: rethin­king the rules