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HW Sonnet 130 Analysis

Watch the fol­lo­wing video. Do you like it? Why (not)?

HW podcastsinenglish

Go to this site, brow­se through the list of topics and choose/listen to a pod­cast that you are inte­res­ted in. As usu­al prepa­re a short talk.

HW Titles & Introductions

Go to this page and brow­se through the topics to get an impres­si­on of what kind of topics we alre­a­dy had in the past. 

Metaphorically Speaking

Watch this TED talk, if neces­sa­ry acti­va­te Eng­lish (!) sub­tit­les. Then stu­dy the “Inter­ac­ti­ve tran­script”. As usu­al look up important unknown words at PONS.

HW The Paragraph

Watch the fol­lo­wing video careful­ly until 6:30 (in the rest of the video he gives and explains an example): 

HW Phonemic Chart

Go to the Bri­tish Coun­cil, click on a sym­bol to lis­ten to its sound, then click on the down-arrow to see and hear some exam­p­le words. Learn ALL the vowels and diph­tongs, but only the “stran­ge” con­so­nant sym­bols (not the “nor­mal” let­ters). Repeat all the sounds/words LOUD.

The abo­ve site works with Flash. If you don’t see any­thing stu­dy this chart.

HW Excuses, Excuses

Stu­dy this excerpt from Frank McCourts Tea­cher Man

HW Refuting Anti-Gun Control Arguments

Go to this text. Stu­dy the intro­duc­tion and the first argu­ment (“The 2nd Amend­ment gua­ran­tees …”). Then choo­se ano­ther THREE argu­ments. Wri­te down the COMPLETE cla­im and take notes for its refu­ta­ti­on. As usu­al prepa­re a talk.

The True Meaning of the 2nd Amendment

Stu­dy the fol­lo­wing state­ment and learn the fol­lo­wing words:

HW Die Vergessenskurve nach Ebbinghaus

Lies die­sen Arti­kel mit Aus­nah­me der letz­ten drei Absät­ze (ab „Her­mann Ebbing­haus (1850 – 1909) gilt als Pio­nier …“). Stell dir vor, du sollst einem Mit­schü­ler die wich­tigs­ten Infor­ma­tio­nen auf ENGLISCH vermitteln.

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