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21 Perfect German Words

Ever won­de­red how you might explain Tor­schluss­pa­nik and Schat­ten­par­ker in Eng­lish? Here’s the ans­wer.

How to Lose Points & Influence Your Teacher

… when you ans­wer Ques­ti­ons on the text. The fol­lo­wing 25 time-tes­ted methods of irri­ta­ting your tea­cher and per­sua­ding him to deduct (ab­ziehen) points and lower your gra­de will sure­ly work for you, too.

My Day

If at first you don’t suc­ceed … don’t be surprised: 

Girl at the Bar

… is a “social anxie­ty poem”:

HW Sick

Stu­dy Shel Silverstein’s poem “Sick”. Look up unknown words at PONS

Romeo & Julia 2.0

R&J in Zei­ten von Face­book & Co …

The Masochist’s Week



The Teacher’s Lot

Für die Bedeu­tung von ‚lot‘ guckst du falls nötig hier 5. Bedeu­tung  (Tipp von Petra Stutz): 

Kitten Kollege

… ist der Titel einer rich­tig wit­zi­gen Wer­be­kam­pa­gne von Whis­kas UK

German Coastguard

„May­day“ ist kein „Mai­tag“, son­dern „an inter­na­tio­nal radio (Funk) signal used by ships and air­craft nee­ding help when they are in dan­ger (From the Frenchvenez m’aider“ ‘come and help me’). 

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