On this chan­nel, we will prac­ti­ce and impro­ve our lis­tening com­pre­hen­si­on, using your favo­ri­te TV shows, movies, and talk shows, to learn to under­stand nati­ve Eng­lish without get­ting lost, without mis­sing the jokes, and without sub­tit­les. We will teach you how nati­ve spea­kers real­ly speak, with dyna­mic Eng­lish les­sons, full of humor, jokes, and real life examp­les of Eng­lish pro­nun­cia­ti­on, voca­bu­la­ry, cul­tu­ral tips, and grammar. Whe­ther you’re a tea­cher or a lear­ner, the­se short, fun les­sons are the per­fect way to start or end your classes.

Learn Eng­lish With TV Seri­es (Tipp von Ans­gar Mathmann)